1. The meaning of each icon on the APP
  • Press “Disarmed” to disarm the alarm.
  • Press “Away” to arm system.
  • Press “ Stay” to stay arm.
  • Press “Room” to View all devices
  • Press “Smart” to Set scene linkage
  • Press “Messages” to View device alarm records
2. Edit Device name/Device Information/Remove Device

Choose the Device that you want to edit and then click , then choose “Device name” to edit. If want to edit other module, follow this same operation)

3. Share Device

Users can share device to their families. Choose the Device that you want to share and click on it, then choose “Share Device” to edit. (One device can be shared with several different people, no limitations).

4. “Settings” Introduction in APP
  • Related parameter setting
  • Alarm time: Alarming time of the sirens can be set from here.
  • The siren volume: You can adjust the siren volume from here
  • Password Management: Original password is 123456, the new password can be changed via here.
  • Restore Factory Settings: All Operations of the panel will back to default setting after choose this.
  • Enter phone number/ Enter SMS number - Set the numbers that alerts will be sent to.