Front lock size
Back lock size 420x75x40mm
Shell material Al aluminium alloy
Technique and artistry Spray paint, injection mould
Colour Gray Sky
Installed door thickness 4.5~120mm
With lock body Upper handle (universal) lock body
With lock core C class anti-theft gourd type automatic lock core
Power Supply 3200ma lithium battery
DC motor Large torque automatic lock motor, torque 20~25kg
Fingerprint Semiconductor fingerprint (capacity 100pcs)
Access card type IC magnetic card (mifar-1)
Unlocking mode Fingerprint, Access card, Pass code, Metal key, inner door quick opening, APP unlock
Storage capacity Total number of secret keys <=300 groups, administrator 9 ordinary user 291
Unlocking record 400
Unlocking completion time 2 second
Startup time 1 second
Working current 600mA (strong driving ability)
Low power alarm 6.6V
Emergency power supply 5V power bank (mobile power supply), USB interface input
System working current < 2A
Static working current < 65uA
Locking mode Touch lock, one key lock, automatic lock
Unlocking direction system adjustment
Pass Code number 6-10 bits (support 16 virtual pass code)
Unlock protection mode Double verification unlocking
Networking function Wi-Fi door lock remote unlock, alarm, open the door log, temporary password, electricity reminder