Self-calibrating Digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments
Momentary push button Helps temporarily eliminate detection of nearby ambient metal such as rebar, metal walls
All Metal Detection  Detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband, and other metallic objects
Selectable Vibrating alarm
Detects medium sized pistol from 9" distance
Large knife from 6" distance
Box cutters from 5" distance
Handcuff key from 4" distance
Razor blades from 3" distance
A 22-caliber long rifle cartridge from 2" distance
Foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1" distance
Large 8" (20.3 cm) scan surface
Sharp audible alarm and bright red LED
Secure Internal Sensitivity Adjustment
Weatherproof rubber handle
Rugged, high-impact ABS case with reinforced coil compartment. Exceeds Mil-Std-810G (drop test) Method 516.6, procedure II