Front lock size
Back lock size
Shell material All aluminum alloy
Color Gray Sky
Technique and artistry
Spray paint, injection mold
Installed door thickness 4.5~120mm
With lock body Upper handle (universal) lock body
With lock core C class anti-theft gourd type automatic lock core
Power Supply
3200ma lithium battery
DC motor
Large torque automatic lock motor, torque 20~25kg
Semiconductor fingerprint (capacity 100pcs)
Access card type
IC magnetic card (mifar-1)
Unlocking mode
Fingerprint, Access card, Pass code, Metal key, inner door quick opening, APP
Storage capacity
Total number of secret keys <=300 groups, administrator 9 ordinary user 291
Unlocking record
Unlocking completion time
2 second
Startup time
1 second
Working current
600mA (strong driving ability)
Low power alarm
Emergency power supply
5V power bank (mobile power supply), USB interface input
System working current
< 2A
Static working current
< 65uA
Locking mode
Touch lock, one key lock, automatic lock
Unlocking direction
system adjustment
Pass Code number
6-10 bits (support 16 virtual pass code)
Unlock protection mode
Double verification unlocking
Networking function
Support Rafiki APP, WiFi door lock remote unlock, alarm, open the door log, temporary password, electricity reminder