0.5 seconds fingerprint unlock, say goodbye to key, enjoy convenient life
Network function- Support remote unlocking of Rafiki app, view unlocking and doorbell records and battery power
Support: fingerprint / Access card / Pass Code / Metal key / inner door quick opening APP remote unlocking
4pcs AAA dry cell batteries, 12-month super long endurance, lasting power and more reassuring
Class C safety lock cylinder, aluminum alloy shell, strictly guard your home
No gateway, Wi-Fi direct connection, Rafiki smart app remote intelligent control
Real time monitoring of door lock status and timely alarm in case of abnormality
Various door bodies can be installed, applicable to wooden doors, security doors, stainless steel doors
Metal material housing, IP65 waterproof1/2.7" progressive CMOS sensor, black light full color
Works with the Rafiki by Securex application available in all stores