Alarm system with central monitoring function.
Connects up to 24 wireless accessories.
85db Alarm (Internal siren)
Wireless remote control with a 150m operating distance
Low battery alerts
App-based system management
Wireless Frequency: 433MHz
Wireless distance: 150m (clear line of sight)
Backup Battery: Lithium DC 3.7V
Battery life: 2 hours of continuous operation
Door/Window Sensor
It can be placed where you want to monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows in real time.
Motion Detector
It is suitable for use on anything that does not want to be touched, such as medicine cabinets, safes, drawers and so on.
SOS Button
Designed for use in the event of an emergency, press the button to call for help.
All Rafiki products work with the Rafiki by Securex application available in Android and iOS