Dual camera lens The dual-facing dashcam has both an integrated road-facing camera and a detached driver-facing camera that records the cab, enabling you to simultaneously monitor the road ahead and the driver’s surroundings.
Driving Behavior Monitoring Leveraging data on your driving behavior, including harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and extreme cornering will help reduce your fleet’s accident rate and improve fuel economy.
Event Video to Cloud In the event of a serious accident, collision or improper driving behavior, the video will be automatically transmitted to the cloud. With a 4G connection, you can get faster data speeds and larger network coverage, allowing you to respond or take action immediately.
Panic Button In the event of an accident or other emergency, pressing of the panic SOS helps the driver by calling a pre-set SOS number and flagging important video footage for review. The external SOS button can be installed within easy reach for quick activation, giving added piece of mind to all.
Do-it-yourself Installation The detached driver-facing camera is easy enough to install and use that you do not need to fork out a lot of cash for expensive professional installations. You can install it on the windshield or place it directly on the dashboard; the versatile driver facing camera can be put just about anywhere you need it.
Resolution 1080P video resolution