Remote monitoring and backup services
Provides the monitoring, analysis, and processing of alarm events for service providers on duty, as well as the management and application functions of users and businesses.
Support the batch processing of alarm events in the same location according to the alarm location or time sequence.

Arming scenario
Set arm mode through the gateway to monitor smart security and sensor devices in your home, such as motion sensor, contact sensor, and IP camera (IPC). If motion sensor detects the presence of a person, a protected door with a sensor is open, or camera detects a face, an alarm will be triggered with a connected gateway, and you will get instant alerts from the app.
We also offer value-added services to send alerts through phone calls and text messages.

Emergency alerts
Get immediate and real time notifications of intruders within your home, on your smart phone. Send emergency alerts to your family members and our backup services – medical, fire and security response.
Send SOS and emergency alerts from the convenience of your phone.

Back home mode enables smart living in one click
Center console, gateway and remote control can be customized based on different user behaviors. For example, users can set a back home mode automatically when they get back home.

Enjoy a smarter life with home media mode
Smart control your indoor devices with gateway, remote control and center console. You can arm and disarm your home remotely, from work or even out of the country.
Get real time notifications of movement and intruder alerts from your phone push notifications.

Voice Control
It supports voice control of the alarm host products; realized Installation, removal and other functions through Echo, Google Home and Alexa. Make life more easier and convenience.